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As experts, with years of experience,
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Business Travel

We serve the business travel needs of governmental agencies, leading Japanese companies, and young venture companies. We offer full services and competitive prices for the best-possible business trips. Please leave it up to our specialists to arrange for all aspects of a business trip such as long-term visas for various countries, preparation of invitation letters, and much more.

Cultural Exchange

We are active in many areas of cultural exchange, such as organizing performances and exhibitions of traditional Japanese culture abroad. Our services begin with local planning, preparations and negotiations. For professional travel our air and train ticket rates, accommodation, and land services guarantee a successful implementation of programs for our customers and partners. Certainly, we have years of rich experience serving customers from other countries visiting Japan in this capacity.

International Events

We have been in charge of all aspects of preparation, organization and implementation of big international events held in Japan. From the earliest stages of planning, our company offers event-participants’ registration, hotel accommodations, tickets, transfers, We produce event programs and a wide range of additional services to ensure outstanding international events in Japan.

Technical Visits/Study Tours

Our Belgian office, in partnership with agencies, schools and organizations around the world, carries out corporate training trips, technical visits, and incentive tours in various fields.

Organized Sport Tours/Sports’ Associations Tours

We offer general arrangements of air tickets and accommodation for the Olympic Games and other big sports events – World Championships and Open Competitions. We also provide our customers with players alternate entry-registrations, training camps and other specialized services. Please do not hesitate to contact us for details. We work in close cooperation with local sport associations and the International Federations on various sports (e.g. Table Tennis) and are involved in participatory planning and implementation of tournaments.

Individual Travel

We design travel for our customers who are not satisfied with ready-made tours, who are not happy with the pre-made schedules, or who would like to stay longer in some countries. We offer a 100% special tour according to your ideas and wishes. Take advantage of our world-wide network, which allows us to provide you with visits to renowned music festivals, special museum exhibitions, live sports events, other unique trips and tours.